Hydrogen safety discussions in Toulouse

The FLAGSHIPS Lyon vessel technical team convened in France on November 13th-14th to carry out a thorough HAZID workshop for CFT’s to-come hydrogen pusher vessel.

All relevant project partners were present, encompassing ship owner CFT, ship designer LMG Marin, electrical integrator ABB and Ballard as fuel cell provider, as well as VTT for technical and analytical support. Additionally, BV Solutions chaired the workshop.  

During the workshop, the safety and possible hazards of the hydrogen pusher vessel were rigorously reviewed and evaluated. Additional measures to reach as low as reasonably possible level of risk to the vessel, its crew and the environment were detailed. Particular focus was on hydrogen safety, especially related to the hydrogen storage solution as well as the under-deck fuel cell compartments.

Secrets of hydrogen safety were well kept in the 100-year old brick hall bunker under the city of Toulouse but will eventually be revealed as a project deliverable on common applicable safety approaches for marine applications.

Thank you!