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Marine Fuel Cells – where are we now?

March 15, 2022 @ 10:00 am 11:30 am

Shipping is searching for its new zero-emissions power technology. Whilst combustion engines are still the market leaders, fuel cell providers are intriguing us with the promise of higher efficiency and lowered fuel consumption. How ready are the FC technologies, and do they have a solid business case? And just how much more effective are they proving to be?    

While fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen will drastically reduce emissions, we also see vast potential in utilizing a higher percentage of the energy available in each fuel. This is where fuel cells come in, as the most energy-efficient devices for extracting power from fuels.

The European projects ShipFC and FLAGSHIPS are both demonstrating fuel cell technologies for achieving their zero-emission solutions for maritime activities. In this Tech Update, we’ve gathered representatives from ShipFC, FLAGSHIPS, and other leading actors within the FC ecosystem. The topic: Status quo of fuel cells for marine use.

In this webinar, both providers, users and researchers will answer questions on efficiencies, challenges and how far they have come on the road to commercialization.

Join us on the 15 March to get the answers.


  • Introduction, Tore Boge, Project Manager Maritime CleanTech/Project Coordinator ShipFC 
  •  “A shipowners perspective”, Hilde-Kristin Sæter, Project Manager, Norled  
  •  “Production status quo”, Kristina Fløche Juelsgaard, Director of market development, Ballard  
  •  “Production status quo”, at Torleif Stokke, Head of Commercialization, Alma Clean Power
  •  “Production status quo”, Pedram Nadim, Business Developer Hydrogen Technology, TECO2030  
  •  “Production status quo”, Seonghoon Woo, CEO, Amogy 
  •  “Fuel cell market position”, Anders Ødegård, Senior Project Manger, SINTEF 
  •  Concluding remarks, Tore Boge, Project Manager Maritime CleanTech/Project Coordinator ShipFC 

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